Good Times in Tampa

June 22, 2009

by Sara Green

So I didn't fall off in Tampa . It was actually so much fun. The show ended early every day and they had great food in the pavilion (SO important). Emil and I were forced to leave several coursewalks and bee-line to the pavilion for the yummiest omelets ever! He and I are so similar because food comes first on our to-do lists! Anyway (focus, focus), the show was a blast. I won the USET both weeks and was I think 2nd and 3rd in the Washington.

The hunters went great and I was reserve champion one of the weeks. Then in the High Junior Jumper Classic I made it to the jumpoff on Cardano and ended up 5th. I was clear but I always think I’m galloping at supersonic speed but in reality medium ponies could canter past me. I always finish about four seconds slower than everyone else. SO TRUE!

Because the show ended so early each day it allowed time for my friend Amber and I to go have fun! One day we went into Ybor City and spent way too much money at Urban Outfitters. Also, I’ve begun running a lot so the next day while Amber was napping in her camper I decided to go jogging around the horse show. Too many people saw me having a near heart attack running… embarrassing!! That was a bad idea, but whatever!

Then of course, THE INVITATIONAL! Well, let’s just say that was a BLAST and I’ll leave it at that.

Stay tuned for Sara's next blog about Garden State!

Special Thanks to Sean Rogers