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5 Reasons to Love BIGEQ!

May 7, 2018

TOP 5 Reasons to Love BIGEQ - in the words of our customers!

1) IT'S A POWERFUL ORGANIZATIONAL TOOL "We directed all inquires to view the ad, as all the information is in one place. It saves sending multiple video links, over and over, to potential buyers. Any horse we sell will be advertised thru Bigeq for that reason alone."

2) IT'S SUPER USER-FRIENDLY "Of the three ads I posted online was the easiest ad to submit and I had the most interest coming from it."

3) WE'VE GOT SERIOUS BUYERS "Have had serious buyers contact thru Facebook seems to have more tire kickers. A great place to sell quality horses/ponies. Will use again in future!"

4) WE'RE EASY ON THE EYES "Its easy format makes searching and selling horses very efficient and the less cluttered look makes it appealing for both the seller and the buyer. I never use any other site to sell my horses."

5) WE DO SOCIAL MEDIA SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO " is very user friendly and instantly gives sellers access to their large, desirable market of shoppers across various social media platforms. I especially like being able to add updated pictures and videos to my sale ad at any time."

We've spent nearly twenty years honing and customizing our service to present your horses beautifully and to a highly focused market of hunter/jumper buyers. Our goal has been and always will be to help you sell your horses.

We know it’s a jungle out there, both online and off. Buying and selling has never been more complex and competitive. With social media companies it’s a lot to keep up on - Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and don’t get us started on Facebook… so many Groups, Pages, and an often unreliable or highly manipulated newsfeed with little to no views, unless you pay for exposure.

Amidst the chaos, BIGEQ brings simplicity and clarity to buying and selling hunter/jumpers.

Get started now! Register and place an ad here:

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