Congratulations to our buyers and sellers! Thank you for using Bigeq.com to buy and sell your hunter/jumper and equitation horses and ponies.


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Thank you BIGEQ for the traffic on your website! Very helpful!
-- Elisabeth Yeager

Thank you for your help BIGEQ
-- Amanda Wise

I loved having the BIGEQ website to send to potential buyers!
-- Adrienne Gilhart

Once again BIGEQ has sold another one for me! Thanks!
-- Cara Cheska

BIGEQ helped find a home for another one! Thank you!
-- Cara Cheska

BIGEQ was easy to use and generated some interest on the horse I was selling.
-- Ashley Wilson

Our horse and ad received good visibility. We got a client that came to try him from the US which was great. Another person that nearly came but found a horse finally the day before! It was not through BIGEQ that we found our buyer but all in all we are happy with the outcome. Thanks.
-- Chanelle Routhier

BIGEQ is a great platform!
-- Olivia D'Errico

Fudgy sold thanks to our ad on your website:) He found a perfect forever home, and we are supper happy with the whole process. Thank you BIGEQ!!!
-- Magdalena Lubov

Had tons of calls on my horse on BIGEQ!
-- Chantel thyng

I sold the horse through BIGEQ+ to a farm in Michigan. Thank you!
-- Katie Moriarty

Thanks to BIGEQ he sold in less than two months! Easy marketplace and interface to connect with serious inquiries and weed out tire kickers. Will use again!
-- Teri Simone

Lots of great leads and contacts from BIGEQ!
-- Jan Bitzberger

A client in my barn bought the horse, but I did get a lot of inquiries through BIGEQ!
-- Ali Weeks

Always a great service and great marketing with BIGEQ.
-- Lexi Johnson

Using BIGEQ was quite easy and provided a good outlet to advertise the horse. The horse was a yearling and noticed by a buyer located in the US.
-- Bill Cowperthwaite

Great service thank you! Will recommend BIGEQ to everyone.
-- Lori Asbury

Wonderful! BIGEQ is user friendly and sold my pony within a month!
-- Kara Scheid

I sold him on BIGEQ. Great website to use to sell a horse!
-- Kim Davis

Happy with BIGEQ
-- Elizabeth McDougald

All good. Some serious people and some not, but in the end a customer from BIGEQ bought my horse.
-- Hillary Masters

BIGEQ is great.
-- Adrian Ford

BIGEQ is a great way to reach all sorts of clientele based on a specific geographic area and really helps to promote horses on a broad spectrum on one platform. It's seamless, it's simple, and it's easy to communicate with potential buyers.
-- Alexandra Fredal

Fantastic way to sell your horse! BIGEQ has a large reach to serious show competitors!
-- Kim McGrath

BIGEQ is great!!
-- Avery Kelly

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