Congratulations to our buyers and sellers! Thank you for using Bigeq.com to buy and sell your hunter/jumper and equitation horses and ponies.


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Had tons of calls on my horse on BIGEQ!
-- Chantel thyng

I sold the horse through BIGEQ+ to a farm in Michigan. Thank you!
-- Katie Moriarty

Thanks to BIGEQ he sold in less than two months! Easy marketplace and interface to connect with serious inquiries and weed out tire kickers. Will use again!
-- Teri Simone

Lots of great leads and contacts from BIGEQ!
-- Jan Bitzberger

A client in my barn bought the horse, but I did get a lot of inquiries through BIGEQ!
-- Ali Weeks

Always a great service and great marketing with BIGEQ.
-- Lexi Johnson

Using BIGEQ was quite easy and provided a good outlet to advertise the horse. The horse was a yearling and noticed by a buyer located in the US.
-- Bill Cowperthwaite

Great service thank you! Will recommend BIGEQ to everyone.
-- Lori Asbury

Wonderful! BIGEQ is user friendly and sold my pony within a month!
-- Kara Scheid

I sold him on BIGEQ. Great website to use to sell a horse!
-- Kim Davis

Happy with BIGEQ
-- Elizabeth McDougald

All good. Some serious people and some not, but in the end a customer from BIGEQ bought my horse.
-- Hillary Masters

BIGEQ is great.
-- Adrian Ford

BIGEQ is a great way to reach all sorts of clientele based on a specific geographic area and really helps to promote horses on a broad spectrum on one platform. It's seamless, it's simple, and it's easy to communicate with potential buyers.
-- Alexandra Fredal

Fantastic way to sell your horse! BIGEQ has a large reach to serious show competitors!
-- Kim McGrath

BIGEQ is great!!
-- Avery Kelly

Once again BIGEQ has provided an excellent platform for showcasing and marketing quality equines. There were many inquiries generated from the site. The ability to link the information from BIGEQ to other platforms provided added value to the cost of creating and updating the initial advertisement. Thank you, Evelyn
-- Evelyn MacPherson

Thank you BIGEQ for helping us advertise our filly! It was a key factor in helping us reach the larger US market for buyers in search of young hunter prospects, as the Canadian market is not as vast. The ad was very easy to fill out and manage. Highly recommend using BIGEQ to advertise any show horse or prospect!
-- Lisa DiGironimo

BIGEQ was wonderful, my ad reached many kind hearted people and helped in finding my horse’s forever home.
-- Amanda Mooney

BIGEQ was wonderful, my ad reached many kindhearted people and helped in finding my horse's forever home.
-- Amanda Mooney

Sold through BIGEQ! The easiest horse sale I have ever encountered (I Have sold hundreds). Will definitely use again
-- Katie Blore

Sold through the ad!
-- Gabrielle Deschênes

I love BIGEQ!!
-- Taylor Shoars

Good experience with BIGEQ.
-- Dominic Gibbs

Within a few days of placing the ad I had numerous inquiries. Within a month Leviathan was tried and sold to a wonderful family. Thank you BIGEQ for a smooth and flawless advertising process!
-- RyLee Haugh

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