Online Selling Tips: Upcoming Horse Shows

Sept. 24, 2009's Horse Show Feature

Hey horse shoppers! Wouldn't it be nice if there was an online database of horse shows and the horses for sale at them? It would be so convenient, right?

Well it turns out recently created a database on our website and it's right on our front page under the "UPCOMING HORSE SHOWS" section. That's not any random list of shows; if a show is listed there, it means that one of the horses for sale on is attending that horse show. You can click that link to see the horses competing there, and then call and make an appointment.

What a fabulous selling tool! Sellers, take advantage of this extra feature to help market your horse! It's simple to add the shows your horses are attending:

Login to your account and "Edit" your horse's ad. Then it's five simple steps:

1) On your horse's ad page, scroll down to "Horse shows this horse is attending."  Click on the dropdown menu of shows (listed in alphabetical order) and select the show your horse is attending. If your show isn't listed, simply type it into the text box under "Don't see a show..." and click "Add."

2) Then select a "start date" ( select an end date of the show if it is multiday).

3) Click "Add Show." Now you'll see your show added to the show schedule!

4) Enter in all of your horse's shows.

5) Now one last VERY IMPORTANT step:
Scroll down and click "Save" at the bottom of the page!

Voila! Now you're done and buyers can coordinate with you to see your horses at shows. It's brilliant! So use this feature and help buyers in their shopping process, and help yourself sell horses more effectively. :)

Happy buying and selling on!