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Announcing the 2009 Equitation Index

June 3, 2009 is pleased to announce the 2009 Equitation Index. Now in its 9th year, the Index calculates the best equitation riders in North American based on competition results from the HITS Thermal, HITS Ocala, and Winter Equestrian Festival, Wellington FL, show circuits held every January and February.

The best young hunter/jumper riders compete in qualification classes for year-end equitation medal championships. Riders earning a place on the Index typically find themselves in the winner's circle each fall at the national championships, such as the USEF Medal, the ASPCA Maclay, Washington Equitation Classic, and the USET Medal Finals East and West.

Reigning ASPCA Maclay national champion Jessica Springsteen earned the coveted #1 ranking. The Wellington, FL, circuit proved to be the toughest of the three winter circuits, followed by Ocala and Thermal. Chase Boggio scored the #2 rank, while earning the top ranking on the Ocala circuit. #10 on the Index Cayla Richards earned the highest spot from the Thermal circuit.

The top ten riders on the 2009 Equitation Index are:
1 Jessica Springsteen
2 Chase Boggio
3 Samantha Smith
4 Victoria Birdsall
5 Reed Kessler
6 Laura Pfeiffer
7 Jacqueline Lubrano
8 Sara Green
9 Kelsey Hart
10 Cayla Richards

For the complete Index and more analysis, please visit, your source for hunter seat equitation information. Congratulations to all the riders ranked on the 2009 Equitation Index!

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A Little Twitterpated

June 2, 2009

We've made a lot of upgrades to the site... too many to detail in one blog. So we're doing this the "Bob Wiley" way (name that movie!) and figure we'll just proceed with baby steps.

Baby step #1?

You, yes, you can be the very first person to see and call on that gorgeous pregreen hunter, that wildly scopey jumper prospect, or sainted children's hunter.

How? One word: Twitter. You can receive real time updates on when new hunters, jumpers, equitation horses and ponies are added to Just sign up for a Twitter account, by clicking this link:!

Then you can find Bigeq's Twitter page at this link:

Now you can be the first to know when new sale horses and ponies are listed. We're all about trying to make buying and selling hunters/jumpers easier and more convenient for you. We hope you'll find this a helpful tool!





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June 2, 2009

Welcome to the Bigeq Blog! We're very excited about this new step forward because it's also a return to our roots; those days when we were had lots of interesting hunter jumper news, articles, interviews, photos, and digital videos. We remain most committed to helping you buy and sell your wonderful hunter jumper horses and ponies, but let's have some fun along the way... like we used to in the 'good old days.' Many of you will remember those days fondly- we sure do! Anyway, check back here for site updates, hunter jumper news items, and whatever other fun stuff we feel like posting. Cheers!

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