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NOTICE: user registration now required for all inquiries

Feb. 28, 2012


as you know, we've lately seen a spike in scam emails being sent to our sellers. In order to protect our sellers, we have now made it a requirement that all users must register with us prior to making inquiries on sale horses. When pressing the "contact seller" button, you will now be directed to login in order to view phone numbers or send a message.

As always, we are working to make the process of buying and selling your horses on the internet as simple, and safe, as possible. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. In the meantime, thank you for using to sell your wonderful hunter/jumper horses and ponies.


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Show Shots: Emerald and Harrie Smolders

Feb. 24, 2012

There must be something about chestnut horses named after precious stones. We love Sapphire, of course, and now have a new favorite in the beautiful "Emerald", ridden by Dutch rider Harrie Smolders. The Belgian Warmblood stallion (Diamant de Semilly x Carthago) is just lovely to watch, and had a nice round today in the 1.45m FEI class at WEF.

For some more pictures of Emerald, as well as some of class winner Rodrigo Pessoa on HH Palouchin, please visit our Facebook page:

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Show Shots: Dedication and Scott Stewart

Feb. 22, 2012

Here's a nice photo of Scott Stewart and Dedication, owned by Fashion Farm. The pair showed in the second-year green hunters at WEF.

For more photos from the second-year greens, please visit our Facebook page...


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Feb. 20, 2012

Please ignore any ad inquiries from This is a scam. As always, please always be careful in your online dealings!

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The Pony Zone: Small/Medium Children's Pony Hunters

Feb. 13, 2012

Check out these pint-sized ponies and riders from the small/medium children's pony hunter division at WEF V.




Prince Monticello and Chloe Peebles

Caroline Philipson learning her course...

... then riding it on Satin

Aalsmeer Ambush and Ava Stearns

Go For The Gold and Natalie Jayne


Brooke Geddes

Justamere's Little Diamond and Eleanor Waugh

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Awesome Amateurs: WEF Week V

Feb. 13, 2012

There are lots of amazing amateurs at WEF, and we hit up the medium amateur-owner jumpers and the a/o hunters this week to see some of the talent:

Tarantel'La and Emily d'Alessandro

Cardinos and Isabella Pinheiro

Carolus Van't Ongereet and Sophie Morner


Mac Arthur Park and Lynn Walsh

Superman and John Ingram

Sambalino and Becky Gochman



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Show Shots: Performance Hunters WEF V

Feb. 9, 2012


 Shot some lovely hunters in the Performance Hunter 3'3" and 3'6" classes this week. Check out these beautiful horses!

Surf's Up and Hayley Barnhill, owned by Reid Patton


another one of Surf's Up - we couldn't decide which was better, so we thought we'd post both! :)

Superman and Lexey Hall, owned by John and Stephanie Ingram

So Ho and Laena Romond, owned by Heritage Farm

Eastwood and Brian Walker, owned by Steeple Chase Farm

Sportin Life and Ben Guanciale, owned by Lindsay Wolf

another lovely shot of Sportin Life

Castle Rock and Louise Serio, owned by Bryan Baldwin

and another of Castle Rock

Pretty, pretty hunters! :)

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Show Shots: Determined Doggie

Feb. 9, 2012


Sometimes the best entertainment at the showgrounds isn't in the ring... check out this determined doggie at WEF, who was dead-convinced something really, really important was at the top of this palm tree. The lovely chestnut and his groom in the background also got a kick out of it!


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Show Shots: Schooling Jumpers

Feb. 5, 2012

A nice selection of handsome jumpers from WEF week 4:

Maker's Mark and Maggie McAlary - now there's some awesome alliteration in those names!

Laurel Tinney and Epic, owned by Nancy Murphy

Windsor T and Julia Segalot

Vadoctro and Rebecca Whittaker, owned by Missy Clark

Soprano and David Oliynyk, owned by Andrew Vaziri

Williams and Robert Jornayvaz

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Show Shots: Sting Van De Withoeve and Lauren Tisbo

Feb. 5, 2012


We shot a great sequence of Lauren Tisbo and her 2005 Hanoverian stallion Sting Van De Withoeve on course at WEF:

intensely focused on the course

flying over the water

smiles and a pat for a good effort!


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