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NOTICE: Site Upgrades April 2017

April 25, 2017

Hi everyone!

We’ve just completed our latest round of upgrades - most of the improvements based on your feedback. So thank you for helping us make our service better and better!

There are a few important changes for you, and especially our sellers, to know about:

1) You can now automatically upgrade your listing from Basic to Premium through the website. So go ahead, upgrade that ad!

2) Premium Ads will now “refresh” and be bumped to the top of the search results every TWO months!

3) You can now list two jumping abilities for your horses, the height at which they are CURRENTLY showing, and their PROSPECTIVE ability. This is especially helpful for young horses and horses in training. Now users can search for horses actively showing at a certain height, or search for horses that have the potential to move up with training.

4) We’ve added a Lease Price category, so sellers may now list both a sale price and a lease price. So simple and so helpful!

Let us know if you have any questions. As always, thanks for your thoughtful feedback and continuing support! Happy buying and selling your beautiful hunters, jumpers, equitation horses and ponies for sale!

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