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Notice: Email Fraud Alert

Jan. 30, 2012


we again want to reiterate to our users to be cautious in your online dealings. Over the years, we've occasionally been notified of scammers sending email inquiries to our sellers. There seems to be a recent increase in these fraudulent emails. Our response is always the same: Please be careful in your online dealings, and if you receive a message or inquiry that doesn't seem legit, it probably isn't.

We are looking into ways to make contact between buyers and sellers more secure, but while keeping the lines of communication easy and open for legitimate inquiries. It is a fine line we are trying to figure out - in the meantime, please be aware of these scam emailers and ignore any contact they attempt to make.



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The Pony Zone: For Pony Hunter Lovers

Jan. 30, 2012

We're always suckers here at Bigeq for adorable ponies - and there are plenty of those at WEF as usual. So for all the other pony hunter lovers out there, we present some of these cuties from last week's show for your enjoyment! :)

Elite Honeybee and Kelly Jo Coughlin in the children's pony hunters

Clementine Talmage and Cloudy Bay in the children's pony hunters.

Newsflash and Madison Goetzmann, medium pony hunters

True Love and Lindsay Levine, medium pony hunters

Cleverist and Daisy Farish, medium pony hunters

My Boy and Addison Piper, medium pony hunters

Woodland's Stevie Ray and Mimi Gochman in the medium pony hunters

Enchanted Forest and Meredith Darst, medium pony hunters

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Show Shots: Bevy of Bays

Jan. 26, 2012

We spotted a pre-green class this week... and saw a host of beautiful bevy of bay hunters that will surely be future winners in the junior, amateur and professional hunter divisions!

Jackson and Havens Schatt, owned by Caroline Moran

Per Se and Holly Orlando, owned by Iron Horse Farm - putting his best foot forward. ;)

... and both feet forward - in lovely form!

Noblige and Denise Monopoli, owned by DK-USA Sporthorse, LLC.

Noblige again

and lastly, Santana and Brittany Sutton, owned by Irving Goldman


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Show Shots: Gone Gray

Jan. 22, 2012

There's a host of beautiful grays competing in the upper level jumpers... so we gathered a little collection of photographs from WEF weeks 1 and 2 for your enjoyment. :)

So... enjoy!


Laura Kraut and Azzaro Van't Hagen Hof


Bull Run's La Bamba

Bull Run's La Bamba and Kristen Vanderveen

CC Top and Marilyn Little-Meredith


Swagger and Debbie Stephens


Zilverstar VDL and Candice King


Marlo and Darragh Kenny


Valentia and Laura Chapot


and one more of Valentia and Laura


So it seems that Wellington's gone gray! Bravo to all the grooms who keep these horses sparklingly clean for the show ring - we're sure it's not an easy task!


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More from WEF 1

Jan. 17, 2012

More sights from WEF week one...

Along with the rest of the horse community, we would like to send our best wishes to McLain Ward for a speedy recovery after his recent fall and knee injury. This photo was taken in the $6000 Spy Coast Farm 1.40m on 1/13/12, a class he won on Esplanade 7, the day before.

Not sure who this CUTIE is, but he rocked the leadline class. :)


The competition was really fierce in the leadline - going across the boundaries of equestrian disciplines - English vs. Western! We think they're equally adorable. :)


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Greetings from Wellington!

Jan. 13, 2012

It's that wonderful time of year again - the winter circuit in Wellington. Here are some sights from this week's competition. :)

British rider Gemma Paternoster


We featured this lovely mare last year, Una Bella with Christopher Shroeder in the 8 year old young jumpers. We weren't going to post another one of her, but this was such a gorgeous trotting picture, we couldn't resist.

"Qrocus Landais" and Isabelle Caccamise in the low junior jumpers.

"Wundine" and Lillie Keenan in the low junior jumpers.

And lastly, Sapphire is back! We hear she received a very warm round of applause from the crowd. :)

Stay tuned, as we're planning to post more blogs and pictures from Wellington than we have in past years. See you ringside!

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