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June 29, 2009 is pleased to announce a blog partnership with USEF "R" judge Kim Ablon Whitney. As both a successful rider and a top judge, Kim brings her expertise in the hunter/jumper industry to the Bigeq Blog with thoughts on judging as well as insights and opinion on industry trends.

Kim is also an accomplished writer, both within the equestrian world and out. Her novel The Perfect Distance is about a rider striving to win the ASPCA Maclay Finals, and is a popular read for hunter/jumper fans, young and old alike. She has also published two other novels, including her recent release of The Other Half of Life, a historical novel based upon the true story of Jews fleeing Hitler’s Germany on the ship MS St Louis.

For more information about Kim and her novels, please visit:

Stay tuned to the Bigeq Blog for Kim's upcoming blog entries!


Pop Quiz: Name the horse and rider pictured on the cover of Kim's novel, The Perfect Distance:

Post your reply below in the comments section! Good luck!

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Cautionary Tale

June 23, 2009

Once upon a time, there was a person selling their handsome hunter. Someone from Nigeria offered them $50,000 for the horse, and promised they would handle all the particulars of picking up the horse and send a certified cashier's check for the horse.

Um, you see anything odd about the start of this story? Like the buyer wants to purchase the horse sight unseen, with no prepurchase, and they keep calling the hunter, "the horse" with no specific inquiries about it... and they're from Nigeria. When was the last time you heard of a major hunter circuit happening in Africa? We don't know of any.

The point is, if you receive an email that gives you a weird vibe, in the exact same way that our opening paragraph did, then delete it. Over the years, we've occasionally been notified of scammers sending email inquiries to our sellers. Our response is always the same: Please be careful in your online dealings, and if you receive a message or inquiry that doesn't seem legit, it probably isn't.

So to conclude the story... The seller read the email, rolled their eyes, and with a click of the mouse sent the message straight to the trash. Then sold their horse, on, of course, to a wonderful show home.

The end.


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Good Times in Tampa

June 22, 2009

by Sara Green

So I didn't fall off in Tampa . It was actually so much fun. The show ended early every day and they had great food in the pavilion (SO important). Emil and I were forced to leave several coursewalks and bee-line to the pavilion for the yummiest omelets ever! He and I are so similar because food comes first on our to-do lists! Anyway (focus, focus), the show was a blast. I won the USET both weeks and was I think 2nd and 3rd in the Washington.

The hunters went great and I was reserve champion one of the weeks. Then in the High Junior Jumper Classic I made it to the jumpoff on Cardano and ended up 5th. I was clear but I always think I’m galloping at supersonic speed but in reality medium ponies could canter past me. I always finish about four seconds slower than everyone else. SO TRUE!

Because the show ended so early each day it allowed time for my friend Amber and I to go have fun! One day we went into Ybor City and spent way too much money at Urban Outfitters. Also, I’ve begun running a lot so the next day while Amber was napping in her camper I decided to go jogging around the horse show. Too many people saw me having a near heart attack running… embarrassing!! That was a bad idea, but whatever!

Then of course, THE INVITATIONAL! Well, let’s just say that was a BLAST and I’ll leave it at that.

Stay tuned for Sara's next blog about Garden State!

Special Thanks to Sean Rogers

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Scavenger Hunt #1

June 19, 2009

So you like to surf around on Maybe you're looking for a horse to buy, or maybe you're just bored at work or school dreaming of owning this horse or that pony. Well, we thought we'd try a little game: a scavenger hunt of sorts. We'll post the photo from an ad, and you try to find it. The first person to post the horse name is the winner, and receives the momentary thrill of winning something, as well as a healthy boost to their self-esteem. :)

Scavenger Hunt #1

To post the horse name, scroll down and "Leave a comment" by filling out the required information, and then tell us the horse name. Good luck!

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Cool Clips: Ivy

June 17, 2009

In the YouTube day-in-age that we live in, it's hard to believe that just 5-8 years ago video on the internet was fairly rare. We started adding videos to our website in 2000, but only put a few online because of memory constraints. Those souls who actually watched them from their old dial-up modem connections were brave indeed!

At this point, we've got tons of old videos collecting dust. Now that technology has finally caught up with us, why not share some classic videos from past horse shows? We'll be adding them to our YouTube channel, found at You can sign up to be a subscriber on YouTube, or just check back here for future video announcements.

Our favorite video subject was Devon Junior Weekend- so many beautiful horses, ponies and riders in one place, at one time. We loved watching the equitation riders in the USEF medal and ASPCA maclay; or the junior hunter riders flowing smoothly around the ring; and of course we loved the pony hunters and the parade of tiny riders with bouncing braids and sweet smiles!

So our first "cool clip" from our collection of "classic" videos is of the great equitation horse: Ivy. We did a little sleuthing and discovered that Mr. Ivy is a Dutch Warmblood. He is just under 16.2h (16.1 5/8), which is surprising, because he sure looks big and impressive when on course. Chalk it up to his exceptional ring presence!

One last fun tidbit? Ivy was apparently born on Valentine's Day in 1994. Aw! During nearly a decade of competing, his riders, no doubt, sent lots of loves his way... he has placed in national equitation finals with five - yes, five! - different riders. What an amazing horse!

So enjoy this classic video of one of the best equitation horses of his generation!





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Show Shots: Play On & Beezie Madden

June 17, 2009

We love a jumper that flies as effortlessly as Play On, and it's surely a credit to rider Beezie Madden that he does so!

Play On & Beezie Madden

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Memories of Ocala

June 11, 2009

By Sara Green

So it's always good to get your year off to a great start in Florida, right?? Well, I somehow managed to fall off four times in three weeks... all in the jumper ring!

Perhaps not riding at all for three months between my last show of '08 (Syracuse) and Ocala wasn’t maybe the best idea I’ve ever had (Senioritis??)… but I won’t let that be my excuse for falling off around a turn OR right after the finishing timers OR through a huge oxer OR tossed like a frisbee onto the ground before I even GOT to a jump.

At the very least I think I was amusing the spectators because even from inside the ring I could even hear the clapping and laughter. You know that long humiliating walk to the ingate every time you fall off? Um yea, I became a pro at that!

Thank God I managed to redeem myself in the equitation & hunter rings. In the eq I won the Medal, Washington and USET a couple of times (and was psyched that my best friend Amber did too)!! In the hunter ring I got to ride different horses about every week and they were all good boys.

I showed horses for a couple of people:

One for Don Stewart (how HILARIOUS is he??) that was champion. The horse even beat Lyle (one of my favorite horses) & Abbey O’Mara, which may sound silly but I consider that to be a major accomplishment.

I also showed a young horse for Emil Spadone, who, by the way, is my new trainer if you didn’t hear. HE’S THE MAN! His horse’s name is Like Wize and just arrived from Europe and started showing this year in Ocala. He’s adorable and I wish I owned him!

Then last but definitely not the least, there’s Jenny Millerrrr. I love showing horses for her because she’s so funny. I have so many stories that I’ll get around to at some point on here. Anyway, I showed two horses for her and each week we had fun adventures. I also showed one of her super fancy junior hunters at Devon (more to come on that later!).

Ocala was also a blast outside of the horse show. My friends and I rented a house together and lived as a family for the six weeks. I lived with Claire Wilson, Andrew Coolen-Koussouris, and Michael Desiderio. Andrew and Mike both ride with Emil in the amateurs, and Claire rides with Chrissie Kear/Bobby Braswell, and she’s my age. We definitely had a blast!!


Up Next: Tampa!
Special Thanks to Sean Rogers

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The Pony Zone: Royal Seven

June 5, 2009

it's back! The Pony Zone was always a huge hit, so we're reincarnating it on our bloggy. Here's our first lovely photo:

bay large pony hunter

Porter Allen and Royal Seven competing in the large pony hunters in 2009.

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June 5, 2009 is pleased to announce a blog partnership with top junior hunter/jumper and equitation rider Sara Green for the 2009 show season. Green, of Sherborn, MA, is one of the premier equitation riders in the United States and is currently in her last year of junior competition.

Green is looking forward to posting about her life on the show circuit, from catch-rides and championships to nasty falls and fun times with friends. A quick note from Sara: "Hey everyone! I’d like to thank for inviting me to scribe a blog. I’ve never blogged before so it should be fun to use this as a journal for my last year as a junior."

Stay tuned to the Bigeq Blog as Sara shares some of her show experiences as she competes from the winter circuits in Florida to the national equitation finals this fall!

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Embed Your Listings

June 4, 2009

Another day, another upgrade, and we're slowly going to highlight them. (And by the way, the movie we hinted at in the Twitterpated entry is "What About Bob?" and the whole baby steps theme...)

So back to more baby steps:

We're trying to make it very simple for sellers, buyers or anyone to spread the word about their horses. Let's pretend you own "Maverick," a horse recently listed on (who is, by the way, extremely beautiful and appears to have been on the cover of Dover, how awesome!).

So you're trying to market the horse, and you want to put him on your farm website. Now, with a few copy and paste clicks, you can put a link to your ad on

• Just scroll down to the bottom of the ad to this section: "Embed this listing on your website or blog."

• If you want to put a text link (no photo) on your blog or website, just copy the code in the box below "Basic text."

• If you want to put a photo link on your blog or website, just copy the code on the box below "Image Link."

• Once you've copied your code, go back to your blog or website, and simply paste it in. Once your horse is loaded into the database, you can now just copy and paste their links on your website, on blogs, internet forums, Facebook, or wherever you please.

Here's what you'll get:


My horse "Maverick" on


My horse "Maverick" on

Think of the possibilities if you own a sales barn- now on, you have one central source for listing your horses, and all you need to do is copy/paste their info to spread it about.

We hope our sellers will use this tool, and further invite anyone who finds a horse or pony on to blog about them and put up some links. Enjoy this latest upgrade. :)

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