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Selling Tips: What Shoppers Want

March 14, 2013


Some common sense suggestions for our sellers - if you're looking to improve your horse's chances of selling on Bigeq, we recommend the following:


• VIDEOS SELL - if a horse does not have a video at all, or the video quality is poor (no zoom, shaky, annoying music, etc.), users tend to just close the video and move on to another horse. This happens even when the horse has gorgeous photos. That video is GOLD if it's good. Take the time to either make or purchase a high quality video of your horse.

• PHOTOS ARE ATTENTION-GETTERS - make sure you take or purchase a quality photo. DO NOT use proofs, we will ask you to remove them, and frankly it makes you look dishonest and cheap (even if you've purchased a non-proofed version of the photo - no one knows that but you). Select the primary photo carefully - remember your horse is being compared to the ones directly above and below it. Don't be the one with the ugly or otherwise boring photo. If you don't have a nice jumping shot, clean up your horse on a sunny day and take a conformation picture against a plain background. Avoid headshots or casual candids around the barn.

• CHECK YOUR MESSAGES - Make sure you're receiving inquiries through our message system. Sometimes sellers do not respond to inquiries; as a buyer it's frustrating and as a seller you're losing a possible sale. If you're selling a horse on Bigeq, absolutely make sure our email address is in your address book. Otherwise, all those inquiries might be going to your spam box. If you're not getting any emails from us, log in to your account on and check whether you've received any messages (the messages link is at the very top of the page when you log on).

• INQUIRE - if you put "INQUIRE" you might get fewer inquiries, especially if your horse is under $50,000. Typically, the word 'inquire' when associated with horse ads means it's very pricey. Don't scare away potential buyers. We always recommend that sellers show the price range or the actual price, and allow the 'inquire' option as a courtesy to those who truly want the price hidden.

• SPREAD THE WORD - if you use to buy or sell, tell your friends about it. We've got a great community of buyers and sellers here, but there are still people who don't know about us. The more you get out the word, the more people use the site, and the more we can help connect buyers and sellers with the right horses. It's win-win for everyone!

Shoppers, if you have any other suggestions, drop us an email and we'll share it with our sellers!

Happy buying and selling all those beautiful hunter/jumper horses and ponies.


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Show Shots: Lillie Keenan and Levistano 2

March 9, 2013


We just love to go back to our roots; a passion for the equitation classes. Our website, is after all, named after our favorite division. :) Today's Sam Edelman Equitation Classic was absolutely wonderful. It was so great to see the kids and horses galloping around an open field negotiating some challenging course elements on the derby field. We've got utter respect for the ten ribbon winners, it was a tough class!

Lillie Keenan and Levistano 2 turned in two dominating performances to win the Equitation Classic. Scoring 89 in both rounds, Keenan and her bay equitation horse mastered both the first and second round courses with style and confidence, jumping several derby-style obstacles, including an open water jump, a double combination with liverpools, and banks with effortless style.

Lillie and Levistano 2 are pictured here in the second round. Talk about the picture of perfection:



Congratulations Lillie! We'll soon be posting more photos from this class on our Facebook page. We've also got lots more pictures from WEF 2013 already posted, so stop by and take a look! Facebook Page


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