Congratulations to our buyers and sellers! Thank you for using Bigeq.com to buy and sell your hunter/jumper and equitation horses and ponies.


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Bigeq.com generated QUALITY leads. We did not have to waste time answering inquiries from window shoppers on social media ads. We appreciated making connections with some incredible trainers who use Bigeq.com as a resource. It also allowed us to reach a larger market, most of our inquiries were from out of country, or out of province. We ultimately sold out of province to an incredible home and we're thrilled to watch the new owners compete for many seasons ahead. Thank you Bigeq.com!!
-- Jessica Doyle

I had a great experience and sold Mezzi to the perfect buyers much faster than I ever knew was possible! Thanks for connecting me to the lovely new owners of Citizen Mezz, I never would have found them without BIGEQ!
-- Catherine Brentzel

My horse sold, however not through Bigeq. I appreciated the extra posts on social media to get him seen.
-- Karen Perlow

Bigeq connected me with many prospective buyers from all over the country. I was very pleased and have made a deal with my horse faster than ever before!
-- Catherine Brentzel

Great website! Thanks
-- edith leblond

This site has been fantastic. We have been able to reach buyers nationwide. We have found very reputable buyers and have had nothing but a great experience. I just wish I saw more of your advertising in the equine publications to get an influx of even more potential buyers. Thank you for being such a great website.
-- Delia A. Apollo

Was contacted via Bigeq ad the day after his ad was uploaded and he left a few days later. Great experience.
-- Alice Litteken

I was skeptical about listing on Bigeq because our pony is a lower-priced pony and not a seasoned show pony, but we received calls on her and ultimately sold her due to this listing.
-- Alison Reuter

Thank you again Bigeq, this is my fourth pony in a year selling through this wonderful website. Quality buyers and professionals.
-- Sarah Lowe

Thank you! Horse sold to someone that saw his ad on your service.
-- Jessica Ray

The amount of responses I got to my BIGEQ ad was amazing! And most responses were genuine interest - not tire kickers. I would use this service again.
-- Caroline Leeth

Great! Missy colicked in Sept, and Bigeq was great - let me put ad on hold. She came back amazingly, top ten Pony Finals small green (8th) overall, 7th overfences, Champion small green Welsh/1/2 Welsh. She is going to a great place now on trial.
-- Karen Vasko

Charlotte was leased. 30+ inquiries. Everyone was very polite. Efficient process.
-- Lance Beatch

Horse sold in a few days.
-- Jennifer Daulton

I'm very happy with bigeq.com. I got many inquiries about my horse from all over the country. He found his perfect person! This makes me happy. Thanks!
-- nikki fry

Bigeq is a great service. I had many qualified buyers inquire and did sell my horse to a great new show home.
-- Diane Milliken Garza, PhD

Bigeq is great, love your site!!!
-- Delia A. Apollo

We love Bigeq! Our horse was advertised professionally and was easily seen by buyers. This is the 3rd horse we've sold via Bigeq and couldn't be happier with the outcome!
-- Kelly Gulino

It was a great experience to have my horse for sale on Bigeq, if I sell another horse down the road I would use it again.
-- Laura GATES

I much prefer using Bigeq to posting on Facebook. Both horses I have listed on Bigeq have sold to the first buyer that looked in a matter of a couple weeks. It’s a little more expensive than Facebook but you don’t get all the tire kickers that you do on Facebook, you get a much more qualified buyer who is actually looking to purchase. Will definitely use again!
-- Kathy Lunsford

Bigeq was a great tool to get our young horse noticed!
-- Abby Jeter

Excellent site. The buyers are very serious and a pleasure to work with.
-- Anne Gray

Bigeq did a great job capturing the buyer. Easy platform to use and provided a great experience.
-- Sara Poppleton

Great service and my horse found a lovely home.
-- Elizabeth macklin

Wouldn't have found the contact from Canada who leased my pony without Bigeq!
-- Andrea Guzinski

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