Congratulations to our buyers and sellers! Thank you for using Bigeq.com to buy and sell your hunter/jumper and equitation horses and ponies.


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I'm very happy with bigeq.com. I got many inquiries about my horse from all over the country. He found his perfect person! This makes me happy. Thanks!
-- nikki fry

Bigeq is a great service. I had many qualified buyers inquire and did sell my horse to a great new show home.
-- Diane Milliken Garza, PhD

Bigeq is great, love your site!!!
-- Delia A. Apollo

We love Bigeq! Our horse was advertised professionally and was easily seen by buyers. This is the 3rd horse we've sold via Bigeq and couldn't be happier with the outcome!
-- Kelly Gulino

It was a great experience to have my horse for sale on Bigeq, if I sell another horse down the road I would use it again.
-- Laura GATES

I much prefer using Bigeq to posting on Facebook. Both horses I have listed on Bigeq have sold to the first buyer that looked in a matter of a couple weeks. It’s a little more expensive than Facebook but you don’t get all the tire kickers that you do on Facebook, you get a much more qualified buyer who is actually looking to purchase. Will definitely use again!
-- Kathy Lunsford

Bigeq was a great tool to get our young horse noticed!
-- Abby Jeter

Excellent site. The buyers are very serious and a pleasure to work with.
-- Anne Gray

Bigeq did a great job capturing the buyer. Easy platform to use and provided a great experience.
-- Sara Poppleton

Great service and my horse found a lovely home.
-- Elizabeth macklin

Wouldn't have found the contact from Canada who leased my pony without Bigeq!
-- Andrea Guzinski

I love Bigeq and will definitely use it again! I received tons of calls off my ad on your site. Thank you Bigeq!!
-- Crista Bandini

Using Bigeq was a great experience!
-- Sarah Barbour

This was a fantastic experience. Great service all around and we received our asking price. Thank you very much, Bigeq!
-- Joseph Moffatt

First client who came bought Concerto immediately and has sent rave reviews back. The vet who did the vet check said that she would buy him if the sale did not go through. I contacted others that were interested in him and sold his full brother also from the first contact.
-- Leland Neff

We had a ton of interest from the site! In fact, Dexter found his (hopefully) forever home within a week of posting. He was leased within 2 weeks, and sold within 2 months! Thanks for the service!
-- Kelsey Nash

My favorite online forum for buying and selling!
-- Melissa Kalmink

I just leased our hunter, got full asking price. I couldn't have done it without the Bigeq ad. He was also featured on the Bigeq Instagram which got a lot of attention. I had an enormous number of inquiries. In my opinion, Bigeq is the only website for Hunter/Jumper/Eq sales and leases. Thanks Bigeq!
-- Tina Howe

Thank you Bigeq for assisting with my 3rd pony sale with in a year! I will continue to advertise my ponies on your site.
-- Sarah Lowe

Bigeq is the best and easiest way to sell quality horses to 5 star show homes!!!
-- Cara Sciola

Thank you very much I enjoyed listing my horse on BigEq. I did not actually sell him from a BigEq customer, but I did get quite a few calls and some tryouts.
-- Laura GATES

Bigeq - Always is a great resource for selling horses! Thank you!
-- Erin Rayburn

Sold our pony quickly and easily! Thank you for this great platform!
-- Brittany Haynie

Thank you so much. My first experience with Bigeq is amazing.
-- Kim Bressers

Very easy to post horses for sale on Bigeq. LOTS of hits and enquiries from right across North America. Have used your website in the past and will continue to do so. Even in these difficult times its nice to be able to sell horses safely to serious interested buyers.
-- Cheryl Schatz

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