Congratulations to our buyers and sellers! Thank you for using Bigeq.com to buy and sell your hunter/jumper and equitation horses and ponies.


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Wonderful easy to use. Thank you
-- Michele Goodrich

Great experience with Bigeq! Would use again!
-- Els Van Hierden

I have had a great experience using Bigeq.com. Managing ads is very easy with this application and I've been very satisfied with the amount of coverage my horses have had.
-- Jack Tower

Thank you Bigeq for getting my listing out there. Easy to use and will use again to sell additional horses.
-- Ashley Wilson

My buyer found my horse on BIGEQ! Thank you!
-- Catherine Labbé

Our recent sales horse was under contract within 3 weeks of listing and sold in 5 weeks. Although we had an excellent horse to market- the professional platform that Bigeq provides is an immense help connecting buyers and sellers of top sport horses around the world. Bigeq was great to work with and replied immediately when I had some trouble uploading photos from the photographer. The Showcase ad was shared through their social media and I really feel his information reached the right people quickly. Thanks again Bigeq! HM Equestrian & Sport Horse Heather Metz
-- Heather Metz

Great coverage and lots of inquiries with BIGEQ. Thanks.
-- Jamie Sullivan

Amazing - sold quickly. Thank you!
-- Heather Boyko

Bigeq is a very good sales website. Sold my horse within 2 weeks.
-- Emmanuelle Mongeon

Great exposure to buyer market. Sale was quick and easy. Thank you.
-- Elizabeth Kelley

Great website. I like the layout and the information that Bigeq shows.
-- Mary Pettey

It was great! Will definitely use Bigeq again.
-- Jessica Williams

Great experience selling my young hunter on BIGEQ! BIGEQ’s marketing campaign was comprehensive and reached a broad clientele base through the website and social media channels. Horse was sold to a quality and qualified buyer within a week! —IA Sporthorses
-- India Adams

Bigeq is the best professional service for listing sale horses.
-- Ayelet Hurvitz

I received several serious inquires regarding my horse within hours of listing him on Bigeq.com. He is now out on lease at a great home. Very happy.
-- Sidney Nowack

Bigeq is an excellent site for selling your horse. Thank you!
-- Joanna Sime

I was happy with the inquiries that I received after posting on Bigeq!
-- Clare Christie

I was a stranger to Bigeq a few months ago, but with a sales project finally ready to be advertised I decided to give it a shot after friends told me to try it. Instantly I got a flurry of replies. I posted him a month and a half ago and he is already sold to a wonderful family! Thank you to the people behind this site. It was much cheaper and more effective than I anticipated and I’ve never been happier to be proven wrong!
-- Sarah Cameron

Bigeq helped me sell another one! Thank you!
-- Cara Cheska

Listing on Bigeq was the best way to get our pony seen and sold quickly to the right family!
-- Kim Victory

Thank you so much for BIGEQ! I sold my horse in 3 days and making the ad was so easy. Thank you x100!
-- Taylor Finkle

Easy to use and easy to update. Got some sound leads from Bigeq.
-- Avery Franke

Bigeq.com generated QUALITY leads. We did not have to waste time answering inquiries from window shoppers on social media ads. We appreciated making connections with some incredible trainers who use Bigeq.com as a resource. It also allowed us to reach a larger market, most of our inquiries were from out of country, or out of province. We ultimately sold out of province to an incredible home and we're thrilled to watch the new owners compete for many seasons ahead. Thank you Bigeq.com!!
-- Jessica Doyle

I had a great experience and sold Mezzi to the perfect buyers much faster than I ever knew was possible! Thanks for connecting me to the lovely new owners of Citizen Mezz, I never would have found them without BIGEQ!
-- Catherine Brentzel

My horse sold, however not through Bigeq. I appreciated the extra posts on social media to get him seen.
-- Karen Perlow

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