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2018, 16.1 hand, Dutch Warmblood Filly - Hunter



Noel is just perfect in every way! She is the sweetest filly you have ever met! She is very calm and does whatever is asked in a nice tranquil manner. If there could be a 0 on the 1-10 scale of temperament this would be it!!! She is just so laid back! She is eager to learn and do what you say but in a quiet way. It really takes a lot(plastic bags, tarps, rocks in water bottles don't phase her) to get any kind of crazy reaction out of her and even then its just maybe a bigger canter step. Nothing phases this young baby. While she could go into any discipline I do believe she will excel in the hunter ring! She already has such a well balanced trot(yes a bit more knee than ideal daisy cutter) and canter(lovely quiet big eq comfortable step) and her one time asked to jump, has lovely knees and form. She will be the perfect performance hunter for amateurs or kids because of her personality. I guarantee you at 4 she will be packing a kid around no problem! She just will do it all! Should end up 16.1-16.2. Get her now before she gets older and enjoy raising her! Great personality, fabulous movement, clean legs. Couldn’t ask for a better prospect! Registered in the KWPN-NA foalbook(vb) which is the highest book a foal can be born into. Registered name is Natoria. Born 4/7/2018.

Specs & Price

16.1 hands
Dutch Warmblood
Hunter, Equitation
Currently showing 0"
Prospect for 4'0" or 1.20, 1.25m
Prospect - Not Backed
Sale Price $12500

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Kathryn Shearer

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Listed On 10/26/2020

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