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Charmeur P

2007, 16.2 hand, Dutch Warmblood Gelding - Jumper



Recently jumped clear in the Young Riders Team Competition 1.50 section. Super careful and a confidence boost to ride because you can add three steps to a fence and he will still explode off of the ground and jump clear. Good vetting.

Charmeur P is a 2007, 16.2 hand Dutch Warmblood gelding. He has some of the best bloodlines out there (Chacco Blue x Heartbreaker) and absolutely loves to compete. Charmeur has show experience up to 1.50m including being team bronze at 2019 Young Riders. Charmeur is an extremely careful jumper with an extensive usef record. Unfortunately having so many youngsters and other projects he isn’t getting as much time in the show ring as he’d like, so we are searching for the perfect show home for this special guy.

At home, Charmeur flats in a loose ring and is quiet and simple enough for just about anyone to hack. He is the perfect amount of whoa and go, and despite his athleticism is the furthest thing from a hot head. He is very easy to put together and is extremely educated on the flat. If he ended up having a successful dressage career as well, we would not be surprised. When it comes to jumping, he is best suited for a confident and talented junior/amateur or a professional. He prefers having a rider that knows what they want from him, and always does their best when it comes to putting him in a good spot to bigger fences. If you do right by him, he will do right by you. Charmeur THRIVES on relationship and it really shows once he and his rider click! Our 12 year old niece is confidently jumping him 1.15-1.20 courses at home. Please note she is a very experienced and strong rider for her age. Charmeur stands to mount and has always been uneventful to hack on the flat at home. When it comes to jumping, Charmeur is not a fan of ground poles, cross rails, or cross country fences, but he will jump a 1.50 jumper fence like it’s a walk in the park. So if warming up over cross rails or schooling tons of ground poles is your thing, we don’t think Charmeur will fit. However, if you like to keep your horse in a consistent program, school decent sized fences at home, and love to show, Charmeur may fit perfectly!

At shows, Charmeur always has his head in the game. This horse knows and loves his job. He requires zero prep, that’s right zero prep. If anything, he gets a gastro guard in the morning if we did heavy traveling. We found he does best with minimal schooling, and instead entering a smaller class as a warmup before entering your big class of the day. He doesn’t love fast, oncoming traffic in the schooling ring, but it’s nothing a confident and relaxed rider can’t handle. Even at shows, Charmeur isn’t one to get worked up in the excitement. He enjoys the atmosphere. The show ring is his favorite place to be!

In the barn, Charmeur is mannerly and enjoys attention. He is currently turned out every night (weather permitting) with one of our school ponies. He enjoys being outside with company, and gets along well with his pasture buddy. Charmeur is a good boy in his stall as well, and always enjoys treats and being loved on. Charmer is quiet to groom and tack, and is used to kids, dogs, and general farm excitement going on. Charmeur does require sedation to clip his head and legs and is not a fan of needles. Otherwise, he is a good boy for all other normal tasks. He is also well behaved for the farrier.

We want to make it clear that Charmeur does come with quirks and will require a certain type of rider. He is not dangerous or aggressive in any way, but he is not for just anyone. He does best with quiet and educated horse people. So if you are just getting back into riding, a timid or nervous rider, riding without a trainer, or not looking to compete - this is not the horse for you. But if you are looking to be competitive in the upper levels, confident and educated, a good riding junior or amateur working with a professional, love having a relationship with your horse, then Charmeur may be perfect!

Charmeur is the absolute easiest of keepers and requires no maintenance whatsoever. He loads and trailers easily, does well away at shows, and is a pleasure to have in the barn at home.

Specs & Price

16.2 hands
Dutch Warmblood
Currently showing 1.50, 1.55m or 5'0"
3+ Years Showing
Sale Price $40 - 59k USD

Horse Show Record

USEF #5610888
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Listed On 7/24/2021