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BIGEQ is the industry leader for hunter/jumper sales online and a leading digital innovator since 1999. Our newest innovation is BIGEQ+, which offers affordable UNLIMITED listings for our sellers.

BIGEQ+ listings are seamlessly integrated into our existing platform with details accessible to our exclusive members-only community. It’s perfect for marketing a few extra horses or an entire stable full of sale horses!

BIGEQ+ is the new community of passionate premium-quality hunter/jumper pros, riders and owners -— sellers like you with great horses to sell, and quality buyers who come back again and again to shop and see the latest horses they love.

As a seller, you can post unlimited horses to sell on BIGEQ+. Just maintain two active premium Showcase listings on the traditional BIGEQ site, and become a member of the BIGEQ+ community for just $3.99/month. Your membership also grants you full access to shop for sale horses on BIGEQ+.

It’s the best of both worlds - your horses receive maximum exposure across our existing service and social media with your Premium Showcase listings, while BIGEQ+ listings receive category-leading market exposure on our extremely popular website. And, of course, you can upgrade your BIGEQ+ listings to Premium Showcase at any time and enjoy all the usual perks of our existing service.

It’s simple! If you decide it’s not your thing, we offer easy, 1-click cancellation through your BIGEQ account. Active BIGEQ Premium Showcase ads are not affected by membership cancellations.

Please join us in this exciting new venture! We're so excited to continue helping you both both buy and sell your beautiful show horses in our loyal community of top quality buyers and sellers.