Congratulations to our buyers and sellers! Thank you for using Bigeq.com to buy and sell your hunter/jumper and equitation horses and ponies.


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Bigeq.com is a very helpful website to list your horse and get results.
-- Jena F.

A big thank you for running such a professional equestrian site, I am a trainer in Southern California and absolutely love shopping on BigEq!! I send all my friends and clients there, too.
-- Elisabeth McLean

I have sold one horse and one pony on BigEq. System is easy very user friendly. I will use it again and highly recommend it.
-- Gerry Baiman

Your website was a big help! Thank you!
-- Renee Cortese

I could not have expected any more..we got inquiries from educated horse people that knew what they were looking for..i never felt my time was wasted with people that did not know what they were looking for..our pony has found a new family...we could not be happier!
-- julie ufheil

Bigeq.com was very easy to use and set up to sell my horse. I got a lot of responses immediately from the ad, and was very encouraged by it.
-- Michele Kenagy

I listed my 3' children's/adult hunter for sale, and over the next few weeks I received seven legitimate inquiries. He ended up being sold to the people who were leasing him, but I was very impressed with the feedback I received from my ad on Bigeq.com. I will definitely use the site again in the future.
-- B. Smith

Thank you BigEq. We sold our pony in a matter of a few weeks with multiple buyers interested in trying her.
-- Connie Sellman

Thank you! another pony finds a new family..
-- Cheryl Amaral

I would use BigEq again in the future - very user friendly and lots of responses and quality buyers and horses.
-- Juliann Cunningham

Another pony leased with your help! THANK YOU Simon Says Welsh Ponies.
-- Cheryl Amaral

hi! I got several inquiries via BigEq, but ended up getting him a new job via a recommendation. love the website though and have used it to find several ponies for my kids! Nancy
-- Nancy Buzzetta

Great site, many more responses than equine.com or dreamhorse.com. Love the layout of the pages and that this site is just for hunter, jumpers, and equitation horses. Thanks! Absaroka's new owner found him here.
-- Meredith Martin

Bigeq.com was great! I had several people contact me about my horse listed, and they were all SERIOUS lookers. So many web sites draw "tire kickers" and while I don't believe Bigeq.com has nearly the quantity of traffic of those sites, it definitely has quality. I will definitely use Bigeq.com again and I have already recommended it to my friends. Thank you Bigeq.com!
-- Sarah Hickner

This is a really awesome horse that found a perfect new home and owner for him!!! Thanks!!
-- Jamie Wolff

Great response! Thank you.
-- michele herman

BigEq is a wonderful website for advertising your horse. It is very user friendly. The rates are extremely reasonable and the horses receive lots of hits.
-- Joann Loheac

Excellent. Lots of views.
-- Jennifer Hrobelsky

We were very happy with the exposure our horse got through BigEq.com. We received many legitimate replies; no tire kickers like other sites. We found an excellent leasee for our horse and couldn't be happier. We will definitely be using BigEq in the future!
-- Peter Gisborn

Bigeq.com sent me the most people and the majority of them were serious buyers. I did in the end lease Dream Of Me. I will definitely re-list him this year when his lease is up!! Thanks Bigeq!!!
-- Terry Smith

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