Congratulations to our buyers and sellers! Thank you for using Bigeq.com to buy and sell your hunter/jumper and equitation horses and ponies.


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Love you guys! It didn't cost me any extra to swap out pics AND it was because of this site that I was able to lease out my horse in less than a month! Totally happy!!!!! Thank you!
-- Jessica Roberts

Bigeq.com is such a respectable website. I immediately had many people contacting me. Eddie was leased within just a few months after he was listed. The first person to try him took him home. This website is for SERIOUS sellers looking for SERIOUS buyers.
-- Kristi Ayres

Big Eq is a very useful tool for selling and marketing horses. Since everyone always wants pics and video, its easy to forward the link to the ad.
-- Robin Burgess

Loved BigEq. Have used you in the past.
-- Anne Vogel

Always Great!
-- Becky Fruehling

Very happy with Big Eq, Thank You.
-- Bryan Sweigart

Many thanks to BigEq.com! My horse was sold through your service to a WONDERFUL new home! I could not be happier by your website or your quality level of patrons, each and every response I received was from a knowledgeable, appropriate source, I had no Spam or "fake" buyers throughout the entire year I had my horse listed here. I had the same advertisement on ALL of the other competitors' sites (i.e. Dreamhorse.com, Equine.com, etc.) and this was the place where I attracted the most appropriate inquiries, and eventually, found my "forever home" for my exceptional mare, Della. Thank you so much! Noelle Pritchard Barkley Golden, CO
-- Noelle Pritchard Barkley

Bigeq.com is great for selling show horses. It gets a lot of exposure nationally. This is the second horse I have sold with this site.
-- Jen Baltrus

I've sold horses on most of the major internet websites and through the most popular print media. Bigeq.com gets me the largest number of legitimate inquiries for my advertising dollar. I will continue using as many options as I can for selling, but all my horses will get a Bigeq.com ad first.
-- bart massucco

Bigeq.com is a very helpful website to list your horse and get results.
-- Jena F.

A big thank you for running such a professional equestrian site, I am a trainer in Southern California and absolutely love shopping on BigEq!! I send all my friends and clients there, too.
-- Elisabeth McLean

I have sold one horse and one pony on BigEq. System is easy very user friendly. I will use it again and highly recommend it.
-- Gerry Baiman

Your website was a big help! Thank you!
-- Renee Cortese

I could not have expected any more..we got inquiries from educated horse people that knew what they were looking for..i never felt my time was wasted with people that did not know what they were looking for..our pony has found a new family...we could not be happier!
-- julie ufheil

Bigeq.com was very easy to use and set up to sell my horse. I got a lot of responses immediately from the ad, and was very encouraged by it.
-- Michele Kenagy

I listed my 3' children's/adult hunter for sale, and over the next few weeks I received seven legitimate inquiries. He ended up being sold to the people who were leasing him, but I was very impressed with the feedback I received from my ad on Bigeq.com. I will definitely use the site again in the future.
-- B. Smith

Thank you BigEq. We sold our pony in a matter of a few weeks with multiple buyers interested in trying her.
-- Connie Sellman

Thank you! another pony finds a new family..
-- Cheryl Amaral

I would use BigEq again in the future - very user friendly and lots of responses and quality buyers and horses.
-- Juliann Cunningham

Another pony leased with your help! THANK YOU Simon Says Welsh Ponies.
-- Cheryl Amaral

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