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Testimonials - Hunter/Jumper and Equitation Horses and Ponies sold or leased on!

Success stories from our sellers. Congratulations to all! Thank you for using to buy and sell your hunter/jumper and equitation horses and ponies.


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We had tremendous follow-up and a rapid sale from your ad! Thank-you.
-- Suzanne Fisher, Owner/Trainer, Tashua Farm

Please note that my pony Liseter Sea Cloud has been sold.  Yes you guys did it again....the first day my ad was up and running I got the call, and it ended up leading to a sale!  Milo is a quality pony and BigEq attracts quality buyers, so may he be as happy with his new owner as I am with his sale:) THANK YOU.
-- Kirsten Robbie

"Mackie" was only listed for a couple of weeks before someone took him on trial and kept him, thanks to BigEq!! Your site is great!
-- Laurie Griffith

Roger (bay Wb cross) is sold.  He was sold using your website.  Thanks so much.
-- ~Brooke

Bigeq, Lunah, the Grey mare listed last week, has been sold. Thank you for your service - I received a number of inquiries on the ad.
-- -Kara DeLaurentis

My pony is "Leased". Thank you, your ad worked great!
-- Holly R.

Hello, I wanted to let you know that Classico was leased out about a week ago. He is listed in your section of Eq. Horses in the Northeast. I wanted to commend you on your website. We received probably about 20 e-mails in the first week, if not more. Once again, Thank you and Keep up the great work on this website!
-- April

Hi, just wanted to write and let you know that Matthew was sold this weekend.  I got TONS of response from this website, so I highly recommend it, and he was sold to the very first responder. Thanks so much!
-- Dana Hooper Kiser

Thanks to your service my pony found a wonderful show home.
-- ~Brooke

"Maybe Tomorrow " was sold only 2 weeks after being posted.  The number of calls I received on this pony was amazing. I will recommend your website to everyone.  
-- anonymous

Thanks to BigEq, my horse has been successfully leased to a great junior rider! Thank you again for providing a buyer and seller friendly site for H/J shoppers.  Similar to my previous experience with this site, I received many calls and emails from prospective buyers and trainers.  I will certainly use BigEQ again in the future.
-- Kelsa Zereski

Cambridge Riverdance has been sold.  The first people that tried him! Thanks for all your help.
-- Sara Rhodes

My small pony, Jiminy Cricket, was sold today. Thanks so much for your help. I will definitely use you again.
-- Amy Davies

"Joey" is "sold". He has found a wonderful home with a little girl that rides in the Hamptons. His sale was easy and pleasant!
-- Maria Savettiere

"Up Close & Personal" is LEASED. Thanks BIG EQ for helping me lease him!!
-- Lisa Levy

Dear Bigeq, The pony listed at Woodlands Romeo has been sold because of your website. Thanks for all your help. Your site generated a huge response.  You have one of the best sales tools out there.  Again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
-- Brooke Friedman

The horse Alfonso can be listed as SOLD, we sold him from response to his ad on your website..he has a new home all the way in Colorado now!
-- ~June

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that Woodlands Something Blue (Hobie) has been sold.  The buyer contacted us through your website, so it was a successful ad for us!
-- Angela Zavila


Hi, Beaumaris Starlite is no longer for sale, she sold within a week of listing. I had a great response and within the first week she was living at her new home with her adorable 7 year old new owner KARA. Thanks BIG Eq
-- Jamie Mohr Beaumaris Ponies

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