Foreign Exchange - Dutch Warmblood - Jumper    

Featured Listing: Foreign Exchange

Age: 12    Height: 16.3    Breed: Dutch Warmblood    Location: GA, USA
Price: Mid low five figures 20,000-39,999

Now can be seen with Kels Bonham in Savannah, GA. Fergie, a 16.3 Dutch Warmblood Mare, has a lovely presence in the ring and a smooth correct jump that is easy to stay with no matter the height. She has plenty of scope and is always game to get out of trouble when need be. She is brave, does the open water, and readily opens up in the jump offs. Fergie has a big, ground-covering step and makes it down the lines with ease. She is well broke and responsive with auto leads, balance through out the turns and eager to finish the course quickly. Her jumping form is neat & efficient making her a clean honest, and very competitive jumper. Perfect for building confidence or for a rider moving up to the jumpers who wants to step in the ring, have fun ,and win. Ready for Florida. For more informatio...

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